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Behavior support strategies are formalized procedures designed to teach and increase adaptive, healthy and productive behaviors, and to decrease maladaptive, unhealthy and non-productive behaviors. Behavior support interventions may be considered if a resident shows patterns of behavior that interfere with his or her quality of life and/or social inclusion, and/or aggressive behaviors that put themselves and others at risk. Prior to considering behavioral consultation, the team at WGRS will collect data based on the residents’ behavior to help determine the need for behavioral consultation. Data maybe collected through direct observations, ABC descriptive analysis, scatterplots, frequency, duration or time sampling and video or other multimedia devices. In the event that a resident requires behavior program, a Behavior Consultant, who works under the supervision of a psychologist or a Certified Behavior Analyst or other medical professional, will supervise it.


WGRS will implement this by: tracking certain behaviors, informal/formal assessments using varies assessment tools i.e., interviews, Question About Function Scale, Aggression Against Others risk assessment, Self-Injury Trauma Scale, direct observations, ABC descriptive analysis, scatterplots, frequency, duration or time sampling and video or other multimedia devices. Based on functional assessments WGRS will create a behavior support program and then continue monitoring the effectiveness of the intervention plan, while making necessary changes. based on data collection/observations and anecdotal reports. All, which will include written headers such as: eating routines, hygiene routines, intervention plans, etc. Each resident’s behavioral program is created to best promote safe and constructive behavior. The Behavioral Consultant will attend all behavioral meetings, school and program meetings to answer any questions or concerns. All employees will be fully trained on the individual’s behavioral plan to ensure it is being properly implemented. Ongoing staff training will be provided as necessary. 


Pamela Houkayem

Executive Director &

Director of Care  

With over 10 years in the field of working with children and adults with dual diagnosis, Pamela has been accredited as the true innovator and creator of Walk of Grace Residential Services. Her passion for helping others and giving back to her community is what drives her to consistently improve the clinical services at Walk of Grace.


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Program Goals

Functional assessments, graphing, ABC data charts, replacement behaviour therapy.

Increasing and refining the knowledge and training of our staff members.

Teaching new behaviours under Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Token economy systems, and incentive programs.

Collaborating with certified outside resources. 

Consult meetings with Walk of Grace Clinical Staff. 

Clinical Team Partnership

Applied Behaviour Consulting offers ABA consultative services delivered by Nicole Jacobs MPEd, BCBA.  Nicole completed 1500 hours of supervised practice, a Masters Degree specializing in applied behaviour analysis and passed her board certification exam to become a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst in November of 2018.  She has provided a variety of services and supports to those with developmental disabilities for more than 10 years with a particular focus on consultative ABA services since opening Applied Behaviour Consulting in May 2019. Nicole has worked with those diagnosed with autism throughout her career providing both community and in home support and continues to be passionate about providing these services.