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Frequently Asked Questions

What age demographic does Walk of Grace serve? 

Walk of Grace provides residential services to children starting at the age of 10 years. Walk of Grace also has specialized programs for adults, starting at the age of 18 years. 

Does Walk of Grace provide respite services to families

Walk of Grace provides outside respite services to families in need. Please note that there is an excess waitlist, and to contact the Director of Care for bookings and availability

Does Walk of Grace provide respite services within their homes? 

Because of the demand for permanent and short-term placement, Walk of Grace no longer provides respite services within our homes. This service may be revisited in the near future. 

Does Walk of Grace offer outside clinical services to families? 

Walk of Grace does offer private clinical services to families in need. Please contact the Director of Care or the Executive Director for further information. 

How would my child/adult qualify for Walk of Grace's program? 

In order for your child, or adult, to qualify for our program, they must have a formal diagnosis indicating a developmental disability

Does Walk of Grace accept children/adults with mental health? 

Walk of Grace admits children and adults with mental health, if they are formally diagnosed with a developmental disability

What is a developmental disability

A developmental disability is a group of conditions due to an impairment in physical, learning, language, or behaviour areas.

Does Walk of Grace accept charitable donations? 

Walk of Grace does not accept charitable donations. 

How do I begin the process for admission

In order for your child, or adult, to be admitted into our program, you must go through a local Children's Aid Society, or your local Service Coordination office. It is imperative that you consult with your families social worker, or resource coordinator. 

Does Walk of Grace encourage parent and legal guardian involvement? 

Walk of Grace prides itself on involving all parents and legal guardians in Walk of Grace's activities. This includes holiday events, summer BBQ's, winter/summer outing, and visitations within the home. Please note that we also encourage parents and legal guardians involvement during behaviour support meetings, and plans of care. 

What type of clinical services does Walk of Grace offer? 

Walk of Grace offers clinical services that work under Applied Behaviour Analysis. 

How do I volunteer

To volunteer, please contact the head of our human resources department. Once a formal application is submitted, the human resources representative will contact you for further processing. 

Does Walk of Grace have programs outside of the Ottawa area? 

At this time, Walk of Grace does not operate outside of the Ottawa area. Future plans are being put in place, so that Walk of Grace can provide services in other cities across Ontario.

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