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Our team is committed to finding those who are qualified and enjoy making positive changes in residents lives, while providing guidance and support to enhance the resident's life. Our staff works actively in the community and gain a sense of achievement in the work they complete. Working at Walk of Grace Residential Services will help establish meaningful life long relationships with children, youths, adults and families. Potential applicants must have post secondary education in the field with combined experience. 



As a Treatment Counsellor, our staff are trained and encouraged to go out into the community, assist with daily living routines, resolve conflict issues, write detailed reports for case management, communicate with health care providers and social workers, maintain cleanness of the home, prepare meals, implement Behaviour Support Programs, de-escalate crisis situations, undertaking administrative tasks and maintaining proper data collection, mentoring, coaching, supporting individuals, and encouraging positive behaviour.

Walk of Grace prides itself on taking into account the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual needs of each individual, while teaching new behaviours and skills through the use of Applied Behaviour Analysis techniques and positive behaviour supports. Our philosophy is that this will increase and refine the knowledge of the parent/guardian. Our Treatment Counsellors are trained in offering simple programs and strategies to improve the lives of all our residents. Our main objective is to providing a safe and flourishing household which will protect ones cultural identity, sexuality, beliefs and values while uplifting their self-esteem.

All Treatment Counsellors are trained under Applied Behaviour Analysis and are consistently trained on how to implement behaviour support plans. This includes tracking all maladaptive behaviours demonstrated by our residents, so that Walk of Grace may formulate a functional assessment that will aid in developing a program. These maladaptive behaviours are tracked through ABC data sheets, scatter plots, tracking sheets, observation fact sheets, and daily logs. The staff at Walk of Grace are required to participate in a monthly meeting with the clinical team, so that they may discuss strategies and programs. All Treatment Counsellors are trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and Crisis prevention techniques. This is a strong tool used to de-escalate crisis situations. 

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