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A Walk Through Time

In 2016, The Houkayem family moved out of their family home to convert it into a residential home for children with dual diagnosis, and they haven't looked back since. It has become a family owned and operated residential program located in Orleans, Ontario, that has now expanded into seven (7) Treatment Programs and one (1) Day Program in eastern Ottawa. With a combined work experience of over 40 years in the field of mental health, developmental delays, and dual diagnoses, siblings Pamela, Elias, and Natasha Houkayem, came together with an in-depth care team to create a new residential program for children and adults with developmental disabilities. With the assistance of our professional care team, Walk of Grace has developed programs which takes into account the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of every resident entrusted into our care.


Our Approach

Our primary belief is taking our residents and integrating them into our family.  Through the continued collaboration with community resources and health care practitioners, Walk of Grace maintains an ongoing objective towards helping each resident reach their goals. The philosophy behind Walk of Grace is to focus on building skills, in the areas of communication, hygiene, daily living, social, and leisure skills through the principals of learning within a positive behaviour support framework. Walk of Grace strives towards quality care and takes every individuals needs into account, while collaborating with additional resources in order to improve our ongoing support programs. Walk of Grace believes in facilitating a loving, safe, and positive environment for each resident entrusted into our care. We believe in care that encourages and enhances the social inclusion, which uplifts the quality of life for each resident.

Our Mission

Our mission at Walk of Grace Residential Services is to provide excellent services and treatment to all adults and youth, male and female with developmental disabilities, while simultaneously enhancing their well-being, comfort and happiness. We are dedicated to enhancing their capabilities and gifts by providing programs that teach valuable life skills for full participation in everyday life. We understand that a residents environment facilitates their overall developmental progress and positive mindset. By providing our residents with a comfortable surrounding and loving care, we enable them to fully express their competencies and experience living a meaningful life.

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