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Our Vision

Walk of Grace Residential Services (WGRS) incorporates our passionate belief that, by providing a structure and needed resources, the youth can progress in life and society and reach their potential.


We view each resident as unique and we recognize that care must be given with devotion, respect and dedication by a team of professional and experienced staff. Our policies and procedures reflect those of our home and of the current legislation within budgetary guidelines and precedents set out by the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.


Parents, foster parents, legal guardians, care-givers and extended family all play important roles in enhancing a resident’s overall sense of well-being. We encourage these relationships and support residents’ families who want to be involved in planning care and activity programs. Their comments and opinions are both sought and appreciated, as their involvement and support continue to add to the positive atmosphere generated by the home.


We believe in care that promotes and enhances the social inclusion and the quality of life of the residents. Through the efforts of a comprehensive care team, we take into account the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual needs of each individual. WGRS also uses quality assurance measures. We promote social inclusion, individual choice, and independence to encourage each resident to increase their learning and enhance their skills.

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